Mission Statement

"To serve and empower the Latino Community with financial & development services."

In 2004, at its 30th Anniversary Meeting & 3rd Latino Credit Union Conference in San Juan, PR, the Federation's Board of Directors agreed to support a new organization dedicated to increasing the representation and participation of Latinos in the credit union movement.

Two of the Federation's allies led the new initiative: Carlos Calderon, CEO of OAS Staff FCU and Carla Decker, CEO of District Government Employees FCU, both in Washington, DC. The idea became a reality in April 2006 when the Network of Latino Credit Union and Professsionals (NLCUP) was formally incorporated, with the Federation serving as institutional host and providing administrative support.

NLCUP continues to make steady progress organizing thanks to the hard work and dedication of it's steering committee, a group of credit union professionals working in Latino communities across the nation.

The NLCUP's Objectives are to:

  1. Promote the credit union model and credit union membership to the Latino community
  2. Serve as a principal advocate for financial services and economic opportunity in the Latino community
  3. Encourage financial education and asset-building within the Latino community
  4. Provide access to affordable financial products and services for Latino families
  5. Sponsor and develop professional Latino leadership and representation at all levels within the Credit Union system
  6. Develop an internal network of Credit Union institutions to support economic development in Latino communities



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